Monday, November 28, 2011

End of the Week Technique # 10 - Covering Journals - Making Gift Sets

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Hey y'all! Happy Monday. I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend with your friends and family. It's a unseasonably warm, late November day here in the DMV and I'm loving it. I didn't even have to wear a jacket today. So Sweet! I hope you are enjoying weather equally as nice today, wherever you are.

Wanna know a secret?

We're friends right? I love my friends! (See my post from last Monday.) Not in a stalkerish, creepy way, silly! No, in a I want the best for my friends, and I will do what I can to help them out kind of way. (Much better than the stalkerish, creepy kind of way, any day, I always say.)

I'm going to help you save time and money on Holiday Gifts. (In this economy, I think that qualifies me as a 5-star friend!) How sweet is that?

Not only that, but I am fighting my OCD tendencies for you, my friends, so that you can do this sooner than later, while the bargains are still out there. Did you notice I'm doing the End of the Week Technique at the beginning of the week? Did you read my post last week? See TOTAL, Unconditional Love, for you my friends and readers!

Not only that, but here's a super quick down and dirty football review so we can get right to it-
College Football- FSU went to the swamp and had a gator feast in a stunning display of power over the University of Florida. Ala. rolled over interstate rival Auburn, UGA over GT, Miami lost to Boston College, and LSU beat Arkansas. Here's the question of the week though? Who in the world decided that #13 UGA should play #1 LSU for the title? Seriously! #1 vs #13!?!?!?!?!?!?!

In the NFL yesterday, my boy Tom and the Pats soundly defeated the Eagles, which made me dance the happy dance. However, the Redskins fans got to celebrate Thanksgiving with a win. Heck, I guess I can't win them all! And, whether you like his religious views or not you gotta respect the fact that Timmy Tebow can play some ball! The transition from college to pro ball is not always easy, especially when so many people are either expecting you to be spectacular, or expecting you fail spectacularly, but he is doing it in a spectacular fashion. He led his team to an overtime win yesterday. I even heard the ESPN commentators singing it's Tebow Time!

Ok, so now that the Monday wrap-up is out of the way, back to the "I love you and am going to help you save money and give great gifts at the same time" portion of today's post.. Are you ready? Here we go....

I want you to go to the big box craft store, the one that starts with the M and ends with the S. You know the one. You probably even have a coupon still sitting around from this weekends newspaper, or can go online and get one. Ok, so I don't really want you to go there right now. I want you to finish reading this first and then I want you to go there. If they don't have everything, they'll have something similar, I'm sure.

Anyways, I was trolling the $1 bins the other day and found these little journals-

They have 80 pages and they have a crease next to spine where you can score your paper. (It makes it easier to bend your covers.) They had them in all sorts of different color combinations, which was really good, because it's not the lighting on this trust me, it's just not that cute. But, it was only $1, and I had a vision....

They also had these matching Wooden Clothespins-

Here's another view-

Once again, not the lighting. Ugly colors, but I had a vision. I figured if it didn't work out, I was only out $2, and I could still use them and no one would have to see them but me. (That ingrained guilt wouldn't let me just throw them away, they were going to get used!)

So, I went home and during the FSU/Florida game I got busy. It only took me two tries on the journal and I had a template. Yea! Dimensions are listed below.

*TIP* Use your grid paper to make templates first instead of DSP, even if you think the template is fairly straight-forward. I now have a 7 x 10 3/8 piece of DSP I get to use as scrap.

Here's the finished project-

Isn't it nice? I usually judge cards/gifts by the old "Would I like to receive this standard?" I can definitely tell you the answer is "YES!"  I can also tell you this Does Not look like I spent $2 on it! These would be Great gifts for teachers, co-workers, doctors offices receptionists, hair-stylists etc.

Here's the measurements- (See, I'm such a good friend I did all the figuring out and wrote it down for you)
*Remember these measurements are for the 80 page journals. Also, make your template with these measurements on grid paper first and check them on your journal to makes sure they are the same.*

DSP of your choice, I used Beyond the Garden, cut at 7 x 10 3/8.
Score - I used my Simply Scored for amazing results, at 4 3/4, 5, 5 3/8, 5 5/8. Use your Bone Folder to re-enforce those score lines. I glued the spine first and then the two sections next to the spine. I used Tombow and used the flat end to spread a nice thin layer. I then did the front and back covers with Tombow as well and used my Bone Folder to make sure the DSP was smooth.

To be honest, I think I would have used our Glue Stick if I had one, because some of the Tombow got on the edge of the first page. I've seen some videos on You-Tube and they use our Glue Stick for journals, so I will try that for the covers next time. You want to make sure to get the adhesive all the way to the edge.

For the Clothespin, I cut DSP at 1 1/4 x 3 3/8 and 1 1/4 x 1  and cut 2 pieces of each. Once again, do a quick template with grid paper just to make sure yours are the same size, but they should be. The clothespin is nice like it is, and this makes a great desk set, but for a few cents more you could attach a magnet to the back and give it an additional potential use. Just a thought.

For the pen, you just want to find some pens with clear cylinders. I found a package of about 25 for under $5 at the big box store with the red dot. You know the one. Find the store nearest you with the best deal. For me I found that cutting a strip of DSP 3/4 in wide was the minimum I could cut it and still get it to roll easily around the ink cartridge. You simply take the end off the pen, slide the cartridge out roll the coordinating paper around it and then slide it back in the barrel and close it. Instant coordinating designer pen. I have to thank Michelle Suit for that tip. If you haven't seen her great blog check her out HERE.

Well, that's it for today. I don't know about you, but I'm getting some ugly journals, and clothespins and making some great holiday gifts. It took me about 1 1/2 hours and that was from start to finish, messing up, learning to make templates first, figuring out the measurements and watching the football game. I figure you could probably make a set in 30 minutes or so. Not a bad investment time or money wise for a nice holiday gift.

See? Told you I loved you!

Today's supplies-
Beyond the Garden DSP
Simply Scored Scoring Tool
Bone Folder

If you liked today's project, I would love it if you left me a comment. It's great when I get to hear from you! Also, if you liked today's card, please feel free to +1 or Pin it. I've added the buttons to my side-bar for your convenience. Friends and Followers are also welcome. :)

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Till next time,

Be Safe,
Shan Pin It

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