Friday, April 11, 2014

Custom I Miss You

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Hey y'all. Just a quick post here tonight. I just got through creating a custom card and I had to share!

Last week one of my co-workers, a young newly-wed Navy Corpsman, asked if I could design a card for him to send to his wife. They've only been married about a month and they're on separate coasts. I said "of course" and asked what he wanted. They both like shooting, so he asked if I could make a card with a "target on it" and some missed shots and have it say "I Miss You", other than that, he didn't really have any ideas. I told him I'd see what I could come up with. Today I went over a mock-up of what I was thinking of and he liked it so I sat down tonight to get my "Create" on and this is what I came up with-

I created the little girl target out of punches. I feel like Michelle Suit, getting all Punchy. If you haven't been to her site, She is AMAZING and does things with punches that will boggle your mind. Check her out.

Guess what? He likes it! Now to try and re-create it in regular cardstock so we don't have to wait on printing. Don't know if I'll be able to do it but I'm going to try. If all else fails, I'll send it off.

That's all I have tonight. I just wanted to share it. I'd love to know what you think. As always, if you have any questions, be sure to leave me a message below. I'll be sure to get back to you.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to stop by my little corner of the world. You are very appreciated! Till Next Time-

Remember- Life is often more about the storms than the peace they seek to overwhelm. It's not about Waiting for the storms to pass, but Learning to Dance in the rain.

Be Safe-

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