Thursday, October 13, 2011

End of the Week Technique #3 A Sparkly Spinner for a Friend in Need

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Hey Y'all, Welcome back, or Welcome if it's your first time!

Today's card will seem particularly appropriate considering the weather outside here in the good ol' DMV is.... wait for it.... here it comes.... can you guess it.... yep.... 100%.... WET....with 100% chance of staying WET, with Thunderstorms likely! Where are we Forks? Seriously?!? :-) And, it's it's been below 72, for the last 2 days in a row, which we all know is TOTALLY unacceptable!

But, the sun'll come out tomorrow. Doug Kammerer the chief meteorologist said so, or did he say Saturday, at any rate he said the weekend was supposed to be Beautiful, Woo-Hoo! So, hopefully, you can look at today's card and it will make you smile and help get you through until the sun shines, and hopefully you'll make your own as well.

I don't know about you, but I got to relax on Columbus day by spending a few hours stamping and had a nice new card already made for today's segment. Then I got an e-mail that changed those plans, so we'll do that card next week. Turns out though this cards works with today though, funny how things work sometimes huh?

For those of you that don't know me, My beautiful daughter Jacquelline and my Upline Robin's daughter Emma used to skate Synchro together. That's how we met. J has graduated and moved on, and one of the girls on the team with Emma named Emily has had some recent medical problems and is in the hospital right now and is very ill. Robin sent out an e-mail saying that Emily loved Frogs and that Lime Green was her favorite color and it might be nice if we had the time to make a card to brighten her day. I immediately thought of this idea. I hope it makes her smile as much as it does me. I hope you like it as well. Maybe, if you get a chance to, you could remember Emily in your prayers too. Thanks!

 Do you like spinner cards? I LOVE Spinner Cards. They're interactive. They make me want to constantly pick them up and tilt them from side to side and watch them spin baaack and forth, baaaack and forth, baaack and forth and as I do I usually sit there with a Goofy grin on my face and think of the Special, Wonderful, person the took the time to make such a wonderful gift for me. (Unfortunately, it's usually me that took the time, but if you would like to be that Special, Wonderful, person, please feel free to share your creations as well!) One thing to make sure of though when making spinner cards, is to use quality cardstock. Now, I know I'm a Stampin' Up, distributor so you might say "She's going to say Stampin' Up's the best because that's what she sells." Nope, I'm going to tell you  I've used other card stock and other Designer Series Papers on the market and I've had to "Double them up" to get them to hold up and even then they would tear quickly under the strain of the spinning. So, I really do recommend Stampin' Up cardstock for this project because your card recipient is going to want to play with this card A LOT!

I started with a square base of Pear Pizazz and topped that with Lucky Limeade. Both are In-Colors. Sorry the colors aren't showing up well here. Better lighting is a little further down in the budget. :-( Next Pic is a little better. All stamps are from Turtle and Co. which is our Ronald McDonald House Stamp Set this year and a portion of all the sales go to this charity. How Stinkin cute is this little guy!?! Even before I blinged him out? I stamped him on Whisper White cardstock in Basic Black ink and then used my Stampin' Write Markers to color him in. I used Garden Green to outline him and Lucky Limeade for his body. I then cut him out and using my Two-Way Glue Pen covered his whole cute little body body with glue and then dunked him head first in my jar of Dazzling Diamonds Glitter. Yep, Just dove him right in! And, when I rescued him from the Dazzling Diamond Quicksand I had  forced him to endure, look how beautiful and happy he looked! Well, he couldn't then sit on just any plain ole lily pad so I made him a special one. I took some old Glorious Green that I had (although I'm sure Garden Green would work just as well) and using my new Lattice embossing folder, ran it through my Big Shot to give it some texture. I then used my Small Oval punch and cut out 3 ovals and using my Tombow Adhesive glued them together. Next I sponged the edges with some Garden Green to give it a little dimension and depth and then I used my Two-Way Glue Pen and you guessed it, a little more Dazzling Diamonds to add a little something-something for my cute little fellow.

Now, for the Spinner portion. There are plenty of video tutorials on You-Tube, but here's the Down and Dirty Print Version which I know you'll find hard to believe coming from me.
Ready? Here goes-
1-Take your handy dandy Word Window Punch (first punch I ever got, I swear It's the Best!) and slide it in as far as it will go. You can now punch and then continue to punch as far across as you want and it will be even. you can go across the card, or down the card in this manner. If you want, you can even make the lines zig-zag, you are only limited by your imagination and how far in you can reach your punch or tear the edge of your paper.
2- On the back side of the cardstock place a penny. Take a Stampin Dimensional and line it up in the Groove with a flat side to the top and bottom and remove the sticky strip and adhere to the penny.
3- I recommend mounting your cardtock layer on two Dimensionals because you want to make sure there is plenty of room for your slider to move freely and not get stuck. Place your dimensionals in each corner and then in the center of your card, above and below your punched slot. Just make sure to place them so the penny won't hit them when it spins. Do this next. As you do this have your penny/dimensional lined up with your slider slot as much as possible. This will really be very easy. Trust me on this. Some people advocate for wedging your paper apart and shoving your assembled slider mechanism in between the layers but I find this cumbersome and it risks tearing the slider window.
4- Center your Slider on a penny with a Dimensional (try to center it as much as possible for the best spinning).
5- Remove the top sticky from the penny under the cardstock, the one from #2. Now stick your Slider (#4) to this one.
6- Enjoy! Slide back and forth. Your slider may not slide smoothly the first few times, but the more you slide it the more smoothly it should slide and the more it should spin for you.

I tried to insert a video here but it was taking to long to upload at work so I'll try again from home :-(

After I played with the card a little, I decided the top greeting was a little plain, so I went back and Blinged it up a little. I stamped the greeting again on Whisper White cardstock and punched it out with my Word Window Punch. (told you it was Awesome!) Next I took My SNAIL Adhesive and swiped it over the punched out piece and then coated that with ... can you guess...Yep my fav... Dazzling Diamonds! and now I think the card front is Perfect! What do you think?

I then stamped a few more images on the inside and colored them in because, well they were just so cute and I just could help myself... Cute Overload I guess.
This picture actually shows the truest colors. But while I was typing this I got an e-mail from my upline about a light source for a really good price so maybe better pics are just around the corner. (fingers crossed, it is pay day tomorrow after all)

So, that's it for this edition of End of the Week Technique and for Emily's Get Well Card. What do you think?
Do you think she'll like it? I hope so! I hope you like it too, but more than that I hope it inspires you to try your own spinner card. You really are only limited by your own imagination. Give it a try! And, Please,  remember to be sure to show me how they turn it out. I can't wait to see.

If you liked today's card, I would love it if you left me a comment. It's great when I get to hear from you! Also, if you liked today's card, please feel free to +1 or Pin it. I've added the buttons to my side-bar for your convenience. Friends and Followers are also welcome. :)

As always, if you need supplies to recreate this card or your own cards, you can shop at my online store, HERE, 24/7.

See you back here soon.

Be Safe,
Shan Pin It

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