Thursday, October 27, 2011

End of the Week Technique #5 A G3 (Ghostly Trio) Halloween Purse

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Hey y'all! Hope everyone is warm and dry and working their way towards the weekend. Here in the DMV we are warm but wait... you guessed it def. not dry and if the good old weatherman is to be believed, that Big Bad Four letter word is on it's way! No, I don't mean more Rain, and yes I know it's a four letter word too, (I'm from the south we're used to rain, but it's warm rain and the sun shines there before, and after and sometimes even during the rain!) I'm talking , cue the doomy music (dum - dum - dadum.... SNOW!!!!! But, until then, maybe today's project will warm your heart and make you smile. It makes me smile every time I look at it!

First though, did you see yesterday's post and my cute little fellas? If not, I hope you'll take a moment and give it a quick look. It was the first time I had entered a challenge and it was for Carrie Gaskin's Ka-Pow Creative Challenge and I was so scared because her stuff is sooo Amazing! Let me just tell you, Carrie Gaskin liked my card and my little guys! I couldn't believe it! She left me a comment and everything. How excited was I? It was like my birthday and Christmas had come early. Seriously! Sooo Cool! Hopefully you like them too because they are appearing today on the project that actually came first and inspired yesterday's challenge card.

So, the End of the Week Techniques aren't always going to be a stamping technique. They might be a new or differentt way to fold a card or a craft technique that is either new to me or one that I'm either not really proficient at, haven't used in a while or want to highlight for someone that might be a beginning stamper, like the use of blender pens with Pastels.

Today's technique is making a cute little purse out of a 6 x 6 piece of DSP. Once again I CASEd France Martin . She really does have the cutest stuff! One thing I love about being a Stampin' Up demonstrator is everyone wants you to succeed, and they don't mind sharing ideas with each other. How cool is that?!? I just say "Thank goodness I don't have to come up with all these ideas on my own!". She has a video showing how to make these. You can see it HERE. I suggest watching the video as you make your purse.
On Full Screen.
A couple of times.
Just a thought.
Ask me Why I think that. (tee-hee-hee)

Ready to see my little purse? Drum Roll Puh-lease.......
How Stinking Cute is this? Ooooooh! I just wish I had a Big Girl One to carry around! If you saw yesterday's post, you know Tink got ahold of my 3 little fellas and the medallion their sitting on, and I really think I'm going to have to let her have free rein to blast these 3 as well. But even without Tink's help how precious!

I made a few changes to my purse from the video. My straps are just a tad bit wider, find what works for you. I didn't have a large oval punch for the flap so I cut a rectangle with my paper cutter. I don't have the measurements with me, but I think it was about 2 1/2- 3" long x 1" wide. Here again, make it your own. I also didn't have a scalloped oval so I went with my trusty ol' scallop circle and punched out a piece of Basic Black cardstock. See the grey on the edge? It's not grey at all. It's Whisper White Craft ink. You know what? I've had that thing since I stamped the first time over 4 years ago and it's like brand new. Our products ROCK! I drug the edge of my punched circle across the edge of my pad and it gave that effect. It also makes it look like I have a grey scallop circle with a black circle layer, bonus!

Now for my 3G's- No I'm not talking ATT or Verizon, lol, I'm talking my seriously cute Ghostly Trio, that I came up with. They are so easy. I used my small oval punch and Whisper White cardstock and punched 3 ovals and using the small scallop circle punch, snipped the bottom of the ovals and there you go, instant Ghost Shapes just like the ones on the DSP. I then lightly sponged my little dudes with some Basic Grey for dimension and used my Real Red Stampin' Writer to make their eyes. I used Tombow adhesive to secure them. (Couldn't have them floating away) Seriously, I would say they couldn't get any cuter except I know what's gonna happen once Tink gets ahold of them tonight!

Now you might ask, "Shan, how in the world did you get that little-itty-bitty oval into the scallop punch in just the right spot to punch it?" Well I'm glad you asked! How often do you have strips of paper left over, maybe a couple of inches long, a couple of inches wide, and you think to yourself - "This is not big enough to use on a card or for a punch, I'll just toss it."?
NOOOOOOOOOO! Don't Toss It!!!!!!!
Take that strip and use it as an extender strip. Just take a little tiny dab of SNAIL and put it on the end of one of those strips and then stick the top edge of your oval to this and just slide it right down into your punch, position it where you want and punch away. Doesn't get any easier than this.

Tip- This works especially well for our builder punches like the Cupcake Punch, Stocking Punch etc. I love those punches but I always hated the waste of trying to punch one thing, especially at the bottom, and having to punch everything else out. This way you just cut your cardstock to the size you need, or if it's already stamped your stamped image, stick it to your extender strip, slide it into position, punch and all you've punched is your intended piece and the strip you would have thrown away to start with. Fabulous! Try it next time you use one of these punches. You'll thank me, I just know it.

Here's the inside-

As you can see, plenty big to hold some chocolatey, peanut buttery loving or other forms of goodness.

Tip #2 When you do this project with pattern paper like my 3G's before you score, gently roll the edges up to see how your pattern will end up. Ask me how I know!
The DSP's used in the video didn't have a right or wrong pattern to them so I didn't think about this and the first purse I made was cute but my little dudes were flying across the bag instead of sitting up looking at me. So the second time around, I had to stop and think as I re-watched the video to see which way I needed to have my DSP placed on the Simply Scored so my little guys would be sitting instead of flying. Like I said, still cute, and most of the time this will not be an issue for you, but just something to be aware, just in case.

Well, that's it for this edition of End of the Week Technique. Did you learn something new? I hope so! I know I did. I also know this is going to be something that I use throughout the year for cute little go to gifts. Seriously, I took a 6 x 6 piece of DSP and some scraps and I ended up with this piece of cuteness. You betcha I'm gonna be doing this again. As always, if you try this, send me a pic or a link, I'd love to see it!

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Till next time,
Be Safe,

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