Thursday, November 1, 2012

MDS Today- Open House Flyer / Not just for Scrapbooking and Cards

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Hey y'all. Happy Thursday! I hope you're having a great week so far. I apologize for my less than regular postings this week. FrankenSandy threw me off and then what with finishing one job and starting another, life has been more than a little hectic. I hope to get back to my regular posting schedule in the next week or so.

Have you tried our digital program, My Digital Studio, yet? It's Amazing! You know I try to post something with it at least once a week. I started out with just making cards and have slowly been getting more comfortable and more confident using it. I've got some exciting projects coming up but wanted to share this with you tonight. Sometimes, all it takes is a little "A-Ha moment" to discover new ways to use something and to discover even more value.

Do you ever have "Open Houses"? I've been to plenty, but have never hosted one. Of course I do direct sales, but it turns out lots of my friends do too. So many fabulous products, so little time. What's a girl to do? Well, I decided to have a Holiday Open House, have my friends come by for a little food, a little liquid refreshment, and a lot of shopping. What a great way to get a jump on our Holiday shopping! I opened up Word to create a flyer for my event and it hit me. Why not use MDS to customize my flyer and create something special. So that's just what I did. Using downloads that came with my basic program and free fonts here's what I came up with-

Pretty cool, huh? I was so excited with how it turned out. Not only is it a great way to tell my friends about my Open House, but it's a great way for me to advertise about this phenomenal program. I bet you'll have something coming up that you would like to make stand out. How about Holiday Cards or even, your Holiday Newsletter. MDS is not just for scrapbooking and card-making. What can you make with yours? Not sure it's right for you? How 'bout a FREE Trial? That's right, FREE! You can try it for Free for 30 days. You can even get 3 FREE downloads this week! Additionally, right now all of our Digital kits are 50% off. You already have a program you've purchased in the past? Our downloads are fully compatible with other programs on the market and anything you purchase during your free trial is yours to keep and use after your free trial is up. One of the things I like most about our program is the versatility. With many other programs you get a download and you can only use it in very limited ways. With our program you can re-color and re-size elements. You can use the elements of each page as designed, change them around or even use them with another layout or custom design your own layout. Totally customizable! Totally Amazing!

Well, that's all I have for you today. I hope you liked today's project and I hope it inspires you to try your hand at designing something new. If you'd like to try MDS2, you can get it from my ONLINE STORE, for FREE. Absolutely NO Risk, No Commitment.

I hope you have a great day and I hope to be back tomorrow with a new project for you. I plan on taking my MacBook with me to work and posting during my lunch break. I love hearing from you, so if you liked today's project or have questions about it, I hope you'll take a moment to leave me a comment below. Friends and Followers are always welcome too! :)

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to stop by my little corner of the world. You are very appreciated! Till Next Time-

Remember- Life is often more about the storms than the peace they seek to overwhelm.. It's not about Waiting for the storms to pass, but Learning to Dance in the rain.

Be Safe,
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