Wednesday, December 7, 2011

End of the Week Technique #11 Using Decor Elements

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Hey Y'all! Well, we are back to rainy and gloomy here in the DMV and the cold and yes even some of that awful white stuff is enroute! YUCK! At least it is warm for now but we are expecting about a 20 degree drop in temperatures by the end of the day. I'm thinking that means I'm going to be pretty miserable coming home from class tonight. I sure hope you are somewhere warm and dry. :-)

I guess with it being December and the weather turning cold and yes, I guess even with the coming of the dreaded 4-letter stuff I have to admit winter is finally here. I guess I should make the most of it. With that in mind, I did a little planning ahead and while I was getting ready for last weekend's stampcamp I tried something new, Decor Elements.

Have you tried them yet? I have to admit I got 2 when I joined over a year ago, and had the best intentions of doing something with them and just haven't found the time. We have these in so many different styles and for different occasions. Some even coordinate with our stamp sets. You can apply them to all sorts of different surfaces, to personalize your projects or even just your personal space. They can be temporary or permanent, you decide. I've seen lots of different projects and thought "Wow, I like that" or "I could do that" but somehow time slipped by and it just never happened.

However, when we were at our Remarkables team meeting a few weeks ago, Jan had decorated some glass bricks, and coffee mugs with them and they were sooo cute, I decided I just had to break down and finally give it a try! After all what was the worst that could happen right?

So I went to my local big box store, you know the one where you get a 40% off or 50% off coupon just about every week and then they reward you with another one just for shopping with them, just to lure you back in, sneaky how they do that! You can find the glass blocks in 2 different sizes lg for about $11.99 and small for about $6.99 (before coupons) and they have a little plastic piece in the bottom that pops out and you can fill them with what ever you would like to. For the Holidays, jingle bells, little ornaments, wrapped holiday candies would be pretty too. I thought sparkling lights would be pretty.

Well, sure enough, I was able to get one of the large ones for 50% off so I figured that would make it worth giving this a shot. I drove over to the big box store with the big dot and got a box of 100 white lights on a white cord for under $3.00 and went home to wait for Mr. UPS to bring my big brown box of goodies.

When I got home last Friday night from my second job, I was tired but excited because Mr. UPS had indeed been by my house. Lets see, I had to finish getting the house straightened up, get the finishing touches done for Saturday's stampcamp and I wanted to get my glass block made so I could show it to my campers.

*TIP* When doing something for the first time, read all the directions thoroughly. A couple of times is probably a good idea, especially if you're tired.

*TIP* If it says you should mark the alignment with tape, it's probably stated for a reason. I'm just saying. Ask me how I know!

*TIP* This is probably not the project to do best when you are tired.

So I get my block all cleaned off, get the sticky label off and get it all shiny and then look at the directions. I have to tell you it was about midnight, maybe closer to 1 at this point. I'm thinking this is going to be like rub-on tattoos from my childhood. Kinda-sorta, but not exactly.

I used the Jingle All The Way Large Decor Element Sheet for this project. I have to say once I got the transfer onto the transfer sheet, it transferred onto the glass so smoothly. I was really impressed, although I'm not sure why I would have expected anything less from a Stampin' Up product. And, Oh-By-The-Way this stuff is really sticky! You get exactly one chance to make sure you get it lined up just right so I highly recommend you use tape and line up where you want your placement. I didn't do this and my letters are very slightly slanted. I doubt anyone but me would ever notice it, but you know me...Just use the tape for the best results. Enough said.

Make sure when you order your Decor Element that you order an applicator, they don't automatically come with your elements. They are essential to application and if you should ever decide to remove your design you can use them for that as well.

After applying my design I put my lights in and plugged them in and the effect was so pretty! Of course my Studio Assistants really like the flashing lights so I don't leave it on when I'm not around. My campers loved it too. I really wish this had come out better in my pictures but I tried. I may try and take a video tonight and see if I can post it because it's just so pretty, but at least here's a little something.

Isn't it pretty? (See I think the "e" might be just a smidge lower than the other letters.... use the tape, I beg you, use the tape!!!!!)

Here's another picture where the lights were flickering. Sorry, BB's are great for lots of things but not for quick picture taking!

And one more-

 I will try to get the video up for you. I'm afraid these pictures don't do it justice.

****** Hey Y'all! I got home tonight after class and filmed this quick little clip for you. Wish I had the time to figure out how to put the music to it, but you'll get the idea!******

At any rate I hope you will try this project or one like it with the Decor Elements. I know I will use them again. For under $18.00 I got a Holiday decoration I will use for many years not only for my business for my home. Would you believe I put it on my sofa table with all my family photos and then sat on the floor and just looked at it and thought WOW!!!!! I did that!!! TOO COOL!!!!

Let me tell you it WOW'ed my campers and I know it will WOW my guests as well. I'm pretty sure you could do the same with your friends and family. Who know's you might just Amaze yourself, and isn't that part of this whole Scaredy Cat Journey?

That's all I have for today. I hope you liked it, but more than that I hope it inspires you to try something new. As always, I would love to see what you try. Send me a pic. If you liked it, I would love it if you left me a comment. It's great when I get to hear from you! Also, if you liked today's card, please feel free to +1 or Pin it. I've added the buttons to my side-bar for your convenience. Friends and Followers are also welcome. :) 

If you need to order supplies to make this project or others like it you can get them at my ONLINE STORE 24/7.

Today's supplies-
Jingle All The Way Lg Decor Element

I hope to see you back here soon,

Till then,

Be Safe,

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