Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still time to make a Special Valentine

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Hey y'all. Just poppin in real quick to say Hi. No new project today. ): Sorry about that.

I made my 3rd trip in 2 weeks to the doctor's last night and it looks like I have Pneumonia. I got some new Big-Gun, Heavy-Duty Antibiotics and a new inhaled steroid, took a shower and crawled into the bed. I have all these ideas running around in my head to do, but absolutely no energy to do them with. *Sigh* I am hopeful though that these new meds will kick in and the weekend will bring some blessed relief.

Have you got you Valentines yet for those "Special People" in your life? You still have time to make a beautiful card that will be treasured and even sick, I can help. If you live in the NoVa/Metro D.C area and have 30 minutes to spare, you can create a beautiful card. Come see me on the way to the grocery store, or on the way back home from the gym, or even on the way home from work.

I am available right up to Valentine's evening to help you out. Hopefully, I will be able to get a few more cute ideas on here this weekend, but for now I am just going to re-post the recent Valentine's Day Cards & Projects that you could make, with me, in 30 minutes or less. Think of how much your special someone would love a card made just for them, by you. Can you say "Bonus Points?"

Just contact me and let me know which card/cards you would like to make and when you would like to come by and we'll get things scheduled. Need to bring a friend with you, that's ok too.











So, if you would like to create any of these for those special people in your life, just contact me, and lets make next Tuesday a Great Day for you!

Till next time-

Remember- Life isn't about Waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to Dance in the rain.

Be Safe,
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