Friday, March 2, 2012

Challenges- Playing ahead

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Hey y'all.

Yep it's me again. Twice in one day.

You know how I said I was going to do a challenge a week at the beginning of the year? You know, it was my resolve. Well, my best friend Jason is coming up here at the end of the month for 2 WHOLE WEEKS! I'm so Stinking Excited, I can't hardly stand it!

Here's one of my favorite pics of us-

It's been over a year since this picture was taken and that was the last time we saw each other. :'( I can't believe how different I look! Geesh!

Any-Hoo- I know I am not going to be stamping during that two week period.
Not At All.
Sad to say.
Not Gonna Happen.

Jas will be in class during the day and I will be at work and I plan on spending just about every possible moment outside of work with him. Oh, I hope my darling isn't reading my blog today. Geesh that's two days in a row. Mr. Ups yesterday and Jas today. SMH! J- you know You know You're the one I love- but I never get to see Jas, of course I don't get to see you much either. Ok, let me revise the above statement to say any possible moment that I can't spend with J I'll spend with Jas. Yes, that's better! Now I feel my two best guys will be happy.

Jas and I are like so perfect together. That's why we're besties. He's all the way across the country from me in Yuma. *Boo-Hiss!* Most times we talk daily. Always weekly. Okay. We text. BBM actually. But, we're so in tune with each other that we will often BBM each other at the same time. Also we will say the same thing out of the blue to each other at the same time, it's so funny- freaky but funny. I often say to him- "Jas, why is it we're not married? Oh yeah, I don't believe in marriage! Also, why mess up a perfectly good friendship!" I love him so much!!!!!!!

So anyways- back to the challenges- since I won't be stamping, I won't be doing any challenges. So since I did 2 challenges last week (second one just for the fun of it) I'm going to say the second challenge  counts for one of the challenges. I will find another challenge to double up on between now and then and will make extra cards to blog with between now then as well and hopefully will have some pics of us to blog as well. Maybe I will be able to MDS some stuff of us too.

Ok that really is all now.

Till next time-
Remember- Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to Dance in the rain.
Be Safe,
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