Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Framelet Holder OOOPS & Tips

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Hey y'all. Happy Humpday! I hope y'all are having a great week. I'm looking forward to a beautiful day and the news release this afternoon about the new I-Pad 3. Since I'm not getting an I-phone till the 5 comes out in the fall I really hope the rumors are true and Siri's on this. How stinking cute is she? Anyway, I'll find out at 1. So excited!

Well, no card for you today. I went home yesterday and was dealing with computer issues again. :( They are mostly resolved, I think. But it didn't leave me much time to sit down and make cards. However at around 10 as I was straightening up I saw my magnets and CD cases and thought I could at least put those together real quick. So I did. Kinda-Sorta-Mostly-No, I did.

Look closely at the inside Left edge towards the center

Now I know, that statistically, most of the people that read these blogs are, sadly, other demonstrators and you have seen this many times but I'm posting it here for a couple of reasons.

1- For those few people that may not be demonstrators, I hope you're out there and maybe just maybe, I'm lucky enough that you've stumbled across my humble little blog. Or, even for those demonstrators that have seen it but haven't yet tried this, maybe this will save you some frustration.

2 - You'll find the following TIPS helpful. I know it would have been helpful for me and would have saved me a magnet sheet and a CD case.

Our Magnet strips come 14" x 5" and they are EXTREMELY STICKY!!!!!! I used a piece of grid paper to measure the inside of my case and to be honest as I'm not at home right now I can't remember, it's either 6 or 6.5". I think it's 6.5". I used my regular paper cutter to cut the magnet sheets however I had to flip it over and cut it from the back to cut through the backing paper. Don't worry about the 5" side it fits just fine. If you're real worried about your centering abilities you could trim an extra 1/8 inch off but that's all I would trim.

*Post-Publish Edit - The Magnet sheets are 13 x 6 I cut mine at 6.5 x 5 so that leaves you a 1 inch strip of magnet from the side to use in another project later. In a project I did the next night, I made my sheets 6.5 x 4 7/8 and the fit was PERFECT no worries about hitting either side. This is the size I highly recommend. :)

*TIP 1* - Position your Magnet strip carefully, center it at the bottom of the case with the backing on. Remove the backing by pulling it up and laying the magnet down, similar to the way you would lay down one of our Decor Elements or a Rub On, smoothing the magnet as you go. Trust me on this. If you just lay the magnet down and it's not in the right place you are not going to get it back up.

If you look at the magnet sheet on the left side, the one with Label Framelts, you can see that it's all the way up against the edge in the center. Ask me how well it closes? Barely, and with much forcing and it will be getting re-done at some point. (Not the magnet the whole case)  Luckily, neither the magnet sheets or CD cases are very expensive, but if you know me and my OCD, and my unwilling-ness to spend money where I don't have to I will force it to close until it breaks which I'm sure will not take long because I messed up. :( So please learn from my mistakes.

By the same token- if you place it too far to the outside it will catch on the curved lip of the case. Ask me how I know. That time I was lucky enough to be able to "muscle" it up off the case. Yes, I felt like Hercules.

*TIP 2* - Although I have seen some cases with smaller widths of magnets in their cases, presumably to save money, or resources, I chose to use the whole width. I still had 2 strips of magnets left over from this original piece of magnet and more in the original purchase pack. Here's why I chose to do so. Our Framelets are very thin pieces of metal and they are new so we don't have any history with them to go by. My concern is that if I put just a strip in the middle and have no support on the edges I could potentially subject them to warping. While I believe Sizzix materials to be of very High Quality and that SU would stand behind my purchases, why would I want to be without them for any length of time if they were in fact to become damaged in any way?

*TIP 3* - When placing your Framelets on your magnet sheets, remember to place them cutting edges down. Our magnet sheets are very strong and if you place them flat side down you will find it very hard to get them back up. :) When you place them cutting side down the cutting edge will give you a little raised area to get your finger under and you will be able to lift them off without any difficulty at all.

Well, that's all I have for you today. I hope you have found this information helpful in some small way. If you liked today's project, I would love it if you left me a comment. It's great when I get to hear from you! Also, if you liked today's project, please feel free to +1 or Pin it. I've added the buttons to my side-bar for your convenience. Friends and Followers are also welcome. :)

I have something new for you tomorrow, so I hope to see you back then.

Till next time,

Remember, Life isn't about Waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to Dance in the rain.

Be Safe,
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