Monday, January 9, 2012

MDS Monday - Friends 24-7

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Hey y'all. Happy Monday! It's a beautiful day in the DMV. Ok, maybe not beautiful but the sun is weakly shining and the flurries are holding off for at least the time being, and the wind was absent while I waited in line at the the carpool line so it's hard to complain. (:

I hope you're having a great day. If you're just catching up and you missed the weekends posts, I am happy to announce, that after a few more anxiety provoking tests, I have been medically cleared and am healthy, health scare/crisis averted, Thank God! Thanks once again to all of you who might have sent up prayers or positive thoughts.

With that thought in mind, I made this card last night for sister. She was my rock through all of this. She took time off from work to be with me on Friday at my appointment and after my second mammogram while I was waiting to hear if I was done or would need further testing she looked at me and said "I'm not going to touch you right now because you'd fall apart, so I'm hugging you from over here." At which point I pretty much almost fell apart anyways, (but inside) so the technician couldn't see it when she came in a few minutes later to tell me I needed a sonogram. And when I came back after the sonogram and was able to tell her everything was ok, she just held me while we both cried with relief and joy. I really don't know what I would do with her.

Here's one of my favorite pics of us. It was taken this summer when we were getting  ready for night one of our 3 day DMB weekend in Atlantic City. (Which by the way was EPIC). I love it because we're like Snow  White and Snow Rose. She's my Best Friend in the Whole Wide World!

That's me on the right

I wish I had this stamp set and color cardstock at home, I would make this card for her, but for now, she'll just have to see it here. I hope she'll like it!  Wanna see?

I used a base of Brocade Blue and layered it with Very Vanilla. The Large Flourish is from the Friends 24-7 stamp set and is in Night of Navy that I lightened up. The 24-7 is from the same set also in Night of Navy left at original intensity.

Here's the inside-

The flower is from the same stamp set, stamped again in Night of Navy and lightened up. The sentiment is from For All You Do and left at original intensity.

I am really enjoying my MDS. It's so easy to make beautiful digital cards and to make digital cards that you will use as templates for regular cards as well. Also, I was browsing through the MDS catalog last night looking for a particular punch I needed to create a certain project. Well, I found it alright. And of course like most of SU products, I found other items I really wanted that would make the project even better so I put them in my basket as well and went to check out and my grand total was....are you ready.... < $10.00. Yep! I said < $10.00. And the best part of it all? No waiting! It was delivered immediately to my computer. Within minutes everything was downloaded, already filed in it's appropriate places in my MDS program and ready to go. How sweet is that? If you don't already have MDS and are interested in finding out more, hit me up or go to my website to purchase it.

Well that's all I have for today. Mr. UPS should be making a stop at my house this afternoon with my New Occasions Mini items so I'll be back with new stuff for you later this week.

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Till next time-

Be Safe,
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  1. remember last year when I ordered all that valentines day stuff... still have not used it haha.. Hope to this year but I did get a cd for mds but never loaded it. I am thinking it is probably not the whole program right... will have to check it out!


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