Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Flutter-By's, Some Sale-A-Bration and Some Huh?

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Hey y'all. I hope your Tuesday is going good! Here in the DMV it's at least starting out better than Monday ended, in that the white stuff is gone! I could not believe it when I looked out my office window and saw those Big Fat Fluffy Globs falling from the sky. Let me tell you I was NOT Amused! No Sir-Ree!
But, today's another day and the sun's shining so we won't talk about the four letter stuff anymore than we have too, kay?

Sadly, (for me, y'all are probably doing the happy dance) College Football ended last night. I have to say, I was actually a little bored with the game. I unpacked my new SU goodies and worked on today's card during the game. It was nowhere near as good as the previous game, earlier this year. Now, THAT was a game. #1 LSU and #2 ALA were meeting to determine the National Championship and it should have been a Battle Royale. Only, someone forgot to tell LSU to show up to their own stadium. They never even got on the board, in the first ever shutout in a bowl game. *shaking my head* Oh well, you now have 7 months free of college reports and only one more month of NFL to endure. (: *tear*

 So, while I was enduring the bowl game hoping that LSU would at least save face and get on the board(WOW, Never thought I'd hear myself say that!) (I was by the way cheering for ALA.) I decided to make today's card.

Now you know lately, my MOJO's been there- I've either seen a sketch and known exactly what I've wanted to do and had it come out either just like that or pretty darn close or had an idea in my head and been able to get it out on paper just like that, so I've been feeling pretty good. Yeah..... Well, I ordered these supplies December 31, and have been planning cards and I new this first card I wanted to make. I had the color combo, the stamp set, the layout everything and you know what happened at the end of last night? Actually, I bet you guessed wrong. I still used the same color combo, and the same stamp set, even the same layout and yet the whole card ended up different. Yeah- Blew my mind too!

Here's a *TIP -#1- If you plan on layering and using punches make sure your punch will be able to reach both layers from the bottom.

*Tip-#2- You can't punch a layer from the top folded edge of a card, it doesn't work! Ask me how I know! ):

So after cutting cardstock and layers and then edgelets on both and stamping, I discovered I would have to rework my plan a little. So I decided to play with my new Sizzlets, which I believe is the first time I had ever used them before. I have to say, I think I'm gonna be a huge fan.

Here's my re-worked, finished product-

It's really loaded with new product. (Told you I was bored!) I started with a base of Concord Crush and I used our new Edgelets to get that beautiful decorative edge, so sharp! I layered that with Wisteria Wonder which I also edged with our Edgelet, but I also ran it through the Big Shot again with our Decorative Embossing Folder to give that Raised Embossed Edge that follows the curve. How gorgeous is that?

The stamp in the center is new and is only available during Sale-A-Bration and I'm totally having a moment right now and can't remember the name. (AUGH!) In my original idea I was going to punch the center out with the Curly Label Punch and have the sentiment be seen through to the inside of the card. I could do the Wisteria Wonder layer off the card but couldn't then get the Concord Crush layer. I guess if I had an exacto knife I could have made it work, but alas, no knife to be found. Maybe that needs to be on my wish list. So, I had to re-work my plan because it was getting late and I had my beautiful card base I already cut and "Edglet-tized" (Yes, it is a word in Shan-landia! Why? Because I made it so. Why can it not be? Why yes, it is a Fabulous word and you can use it.)

What to do now?....Think, Think, Think.....Oh Bother...Come on now you know you're saying it with me in your best Pooh-Bear voice. Ah, Yes! Why not try my new Sizzlets? So I did. and as you can see above, I think they worked out amazingly. Of course, granted, probably a card best suited for hand delivery and not trusting to USPS. I'll have to check them out at home tonight to see how well they flatten out and spring back. I simply folded them in half, put a thin edge of Tombow along the crease and stuck them to the card base. I also layered them inside each other in the same manner. For the biggest ones I used a Mini-Glue Dot that I rolled up into an oval and placed down the spine and stuck it down with that. My baby girl used to call Butterflys, Flutter-by's. I've been wanting to get the Sizzix Die but have been trying to watch my money, you know - who hasn't- and thought I would try these since they are so economical, and I have to say I am really very impressed! (Although once again, I don't know why I am surprised by the quality of anything I have received from SU)

Here's a close up of the Flutter-by's- they all have different embossing and you can then turn each one over for a different look.

Here's the inside-

Isn't the script on the sentiment beautiful? It's from the same stamp set and so is the little butterfly. Did you notice that you can see the little butterfly peaking out from under the edge of the front flap in the first picture? Yep. It wasn't planned that way. I had already stamped him on this piece of cardstock and then mounted it when I discovered that. Nice touch though? Serendipitous.

I also took one of the little Sizzlet butterflies and added it to this little stamped fella to give him some dimension as well. you know I like the insides of my cards to have something a little special and since this one doesn't have any "bling" I thought this might be a nice little extra touch.

Well, that's all I have for today. I hope you liked my little card and I hope it reminds you the next time things aren't going the way you planned them, to just keep pushing on through- You never know what beauty might await you in the end. If you liked it, I would love it if you left me a comment. It's great when I get to hear from you! Also, if you liked today's card, please feel free to +1 or Pin it. I've added the buttons to my side-bar for your convenience. Friends and Followers are also welcome. :)

If you need supplies to make this card or cards like it you can shop 24-7 in my ONLINE STORE.

Today's Supplies
Cardstock- Concord Crush, Wisteria Winder
Ink- Concord Crush
Big Shot- Edgelet, Edgelet Embossing Folder,  Hearts Sizzlets

Till next time,

Be Safe,
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